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Introducing the first dog facial recognition app to be used by a county in the country. This app is free, easy to use and could save your pet's life.

Loud thunder scared Roxie away from home, but a special facial recognition app endorsed by the County's Department of Animal Services helped return this pooch back to her family. You can learn more about the Finding Rover App on County News Center:

More reason to register your pooch with Finding Rover. The smartphone application, which uses facial recognition, returned another dog back home after it was found by County Animal Services.

The breakthrough technology uses facial recognition software to find missing pets.

Finding Rover is a free service using facial recognition to identify lost dogs in real time and reconnect them with their families. Quite literally, it is All About That Face! The more people using the app, the more effective it will be and we can't think of a more fun way to spread the word!

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