Tricks to Keeping a Dog-Friendly, Clean House

As obedient as your dog may be, he can't help but be a messy little fellow. Between the shedding and the slobber, it can be an endless uphill marathon trying to keep your house spotless. We're pretty much neat freaks here at Finding Rover and have found a several efficient and sanity-saving ways to keep our homes clean and dog-friendly at the same time. 

Handling Dog Hair
The number one thing that helps keep your house from transforming into a giant hairball? Regular brushing. Regardless of the length of your dog's coat, you should brush her every couple of days to remove dead hair and distribute the oils throughout her coat.

To keep the dog hair to a minimum in your house, we recommend use electrostatic mops on hardwood floors (they don't blow the hair around like vacuums) and if you have carpet, you can use a squeegee to get large amounts of hair out of carpet along with vacuuming.

Paw Prints Begone
It's a good idea to set up a kind of doggy mudroom right at the entrance of your house. This way, you can quickly clean off your dog's dirty paws before he comes into the house and on rainy days, towel him off before him goes romping through your home. We also recommend stocking your doggy mudroom with lint rollers so you can give your clothes a quick once over before going out into public.

Dog-Friendly Upholstery
When you are ready for new furniture, keep these pup-safe fabrics in mind: microfiber and microsuede. Not only are these fabrics super cozy, they are also a cinch to clean and upkeep. Try to pick furnishings and rugs that are similar in color to your dog's coat so you don't end up with black dog hair accents on your white mohair couch (and so you can get away with being lazy with cleaning once in a while). If you have nicer furniture you cherish and love, cover it with a blanket or throw to minimize wear and tear on your favorite furniture piece.

The most important tip? Don't drive yourself crazy. Having a dog is going to be messy, but with a little consistency and efficiency, you can keep your house clean, your anxiety low, and your pooch happy.

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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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