Top 5 Summer Tips for Your Dog

Photo: Kenny To

Photo: Kenny To

The temperatures have finally started to heat up lately and we're donning our sunglasses and getting ready for some summer fun. Keep in mind the hot weather tips below and enjoy the warm temperatures with your pooch in a safe and fun way!

1. Exercise In Early Morning or Late Evening
These are the coolest parts of the day, allowing you to exercise your dog safely without having to worry about dehydration or heat stroke. We particularly love taking our dogs out during these times of the day because it allows us to keep our dogs exercised at their regular level of activity without making them uncomfortable.

2. Watch Out for Dehydration
Fun fact: dogs don't sweat to regulate their body heat. Instead, dogs drool and pant to keep their bodies cool, so they can easily dehydrate in heat. If your dog's eyes are looking bloodshot and his skin is 'sticking' (taking longer to fall back in place when you lift it), your dog is dehydrated.

3. Grab Some Booties
Your dog may have tough paws, but walking on hot pavement with bare paws can still be painful! If you live in areas where the temps reach the 90s and higher, invest in some booties to ensure that your pooch doesn't burn his paws.

4. Don't Leave Your Pup in the Car
The car basically turns into an oven in hot weather, so if you're running in the store, don't leave the pup in the car. Instead, leash her up outside in a shady place and try to always carry a travel bowl with you so you can leave her with some water while you run your errands.

5. Dogs Cool from Bottom Up
Cool your dog down quickly by applying water where it matters: from the bottom up. Wet his paws and belly rather than pouring water on the top of his head and back to get his body temperature down more quickly.

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