Tips on Being a Considerate Dog Owner

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We've written many posts with tips on how to keep your pooch healthy and happy, and we realized it's about time to compile some tips on how be considerate dog owners to the larger community around us. The points below are things every dog owner should keep in mind every time we take our best friends out to interact with the world outside our homes.

Pick Up Your Poop
Living in an urban neighborhood, I've stepped in my fair share of droppings and as we all know, it can totally ruin a day. The easiest way to never get caught without a poop bag? Get a bag container attachment for your leash so that every time your pup goes to the bathroom, you'll be ready to properly dispose of her droppings. If you do find yourself without a bag, some great alternatives are newspaper bags (especially if you live in the suburbs, just go up to a neighbor's house and pull the bag off of their paper), produce bags you can find on rolls in outdoor markets, and empty disposable coffee cups.

Leash Your Dog
We're not talking about keeping your dog leashed at all times. Some of our dogs are incredibly well-trained, obedient, and independently intelligent, so much so that they can probably be off-leash for most of their lives. However, there are some circumstances when dogs should be leashed, regardless of their temperament. If you are 'parking' your dog temporarily in front of an establishment, make sure you leash your dog to a pole. This is both for your dog's safety and for the ease of other pedestrians. While your dog may be an absolute saint, strangers don't know this about your dog. Likewise, if you and your pooch come across children or people who seem ill at ease with dogs, it's a good idea to leash your pup, even if the two of you are at the park.

Train Your Dog
We can't stress this point enough—it is vital to your dog's safety and happiness that you take the time and patience to train your dog well. While your pup doesn't necessarily need to know how to roll over or play dead, he definitely needs to know the basics such as sit, heel, and come. From a pedestrian's point of view, having a strange dog excitedly jump on you can vary from slight annoyance to terror. Training your dog the basics ensures that you can regulate his behavior based on the circumstances and situations around you, and also ensures that you can keep him safe.

If you're a first time dog owner, keep these pet ownership guidelines in mind and check out our tips and tricks for training your dog and keeping her healthy and happy!

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