Tips N’ Tricks: Preparing for An Outdoor Adventure

There’s nothing pups love more than spending time outdoors with their humans, but if you’re planning an extended trip in nature, there’s a good deal of preparation you have to do in order to keep your pup healthy and safe. Here are some of our top tips for ensuring that you and your pooch have a fun and successful time during your outdoor adventure.

Keep Up On the Meds
There are several medications your dog will need to combat critters that are out to get them in the wild: heart worm medicine if you’re going to a mosquito-heavy area, tick and flea medication, and Benadryl for any allergic reactions. For the first two (heart worm and tick & flea medication), it’s vital to keep them on a regular schedule with the medication because neither work instantaneously—both medicines take a course of time to take effect.

Alternate, Permanent Phone Number
On my dog’s ‘city collar’, I have the phone numbers of me and my partner, but when my dog and I are out on a longer trip, I have a separate collar for her with a permanent phone number (my parent’s). Many times when we take trips to the mountains, I’ll lose reception on my phone and if my dog strays away from me, there’s no way for the people who find her to contact my number. The unreliability of phone reception in nature is the key reason you need a separate ‘adventure collar’ for your pooch with a permanent, possibly landline, phone number that is reachable at any time.

Outta the Water!
Unless you have a lot of experience with and knowledge of nature, it’s best practice not to let your dog drink any mysterious bodies of water outside. Small puddles are festering with harmful bacteria for your dogs (cue giardia!) and even at dog parks, it’s best to have a travel-sized water supply for your pooch.

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