Tips for Trimming Your Pup's Nails

Spring is just around the corner, which means it's time to brush ourselves off and step out into the sunshine for some outdoor adventures! Before you head out on these hikes with your pup, be sure to trim his nails because unkempt, long nails can easily break, causing your dog great discomfort. Take a moment to go through our tips for trimming your dog's nails and make sure they're fully clipped and groomed before heading outdoors!

Touch My Feet
Get your dog used to having her feet touched in with this process. A couple of days before you clip her nails for the first time, start touching and handling her feet more frequently, helping her associate with it positively by rewarding her with treats each time after you touch her feet. After your pooch is used to having her feet touched, start touching her feet with the trimmers so the relatively foreign object can be normalized for her.

Go Very, Very Slowly
The first time you cut your dog's nails, you want to go through the process as slowly as possible to keep your dog from being alarmed. The best practice for this first trim is to clip one or two of your pup's nails, give her a treat, play with her for a little bit, and then let her go about her business. After a couple of hours has passed, come back and trim a couple more nails.

How Much Nail to Trim
If your pup has clear nails, trimming his nails is going to be much easier. The key is to steer clear of the live quick, which is pink if your dog has clear nails. Cut the nail no closer than 3 millimeters from the quick. Trimming nails is going to be a little harder if your dog has dark nails—you'll need to trim thin slivers off the nail until you start to see a tiny gray or pink oval appear. This oval is the quick, so once you see a tiny bit of it, stop trimming.

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