Tips for Road Tripping with Your Dog

Photo: Matt

Photo: Matt

Whether you're on spring break or itching to play weekend hooky, we've got some car travel tips for you before you pack up for that road trip with your pooch. 

If In Doubt, Crate Your Dog
You might feel bad about crating your dog, but in reality, dogs don't mind being crated if they're properly eased into the situation. If your dog isn't capable of laying down and relaxing on his own in the car, crating him will ensure both his safety and lower his anxiety during the trip. Before putting your dog in the crate, make sure he's well exercised so he will relax when he's inside the crate. Allow your dog to go into the crate by himself (no need to shove him in there) and keep your energy positive and calm when you close the door. You can also calmly and reassuringly talk to him during the first several minutes of the drive to put him in a relaxed state.

Pre-Travel Checklist
Before you head on the road, make sure you feed and exercise your dog. Don't feed your dog right before the trip—try feeding her several hours before so she'll have enough time to digest the food and not get car sick. About an hour before you head out, exercise her thoroughly to ensure that she's tired and relaxed when you get in the car.

Car Necessities
Have you packed for the pooch as well as yourself? Make sure you have any medication your pup needs (e.g., even though my dog doesn't have daily meds she needs to take, we always pack Benadryl in case she gets an allergic reaction), enough food for the trip (I always try to pack a little more in case of emergencies), at least two water bowls, extra collars and leashes, clip on lights, poop bags, and a favorite toy. These are just the basics—if your dog is older or has more health-related needs, make sure you pack accordingly!

Lost Dog Prevention
Road trips are so much fun, but they also introduce many opportunities for your dog to be separated from you. Before you head on vacation with your best bud, make sure he is microchipped, has all the necessary information such as your cell phone number on his ID tag, and is registered on the Finding Rover app! Go through these steps before hitting the road to ensure that your dog is safe, so you and your pooch can focus on having fun on your road trip!

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