Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

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Want to include your best friend on one of the most important days of your life? Below are some tips for having your hound of honor present on your special day in a safe, comfortable and fun way.

Can Your Dog Handle It?
This is the most important question you need to ask before you decide to include the pooch in your wedding. Is your dog calm enough to handle being around a lot of strangers and a high level of activity? If not, you might want to consider leaving your dog at home with a sitter as the wedding could be a very stressful situation for your pup and her stress could put a damper on your special day.

Plan for the Pooch
When you scope out venues for your wedding, triple check that they allow dogs. This includes the venues for the ceremony and the hotel or vacation home at which you'll be staying. Many places have very strict pet policies and this may decide for you whether or not you can include your pup in the wedding.

When to Include the Pup
The best part of the wedding to include your dog is the ceremony—this is when the level of activity will be lowest and your dog can be handled with the most control. We highly discourage bringing your dog to the reception as the high level of loud voices, strangers, and dancing could cause an intense level of stress for your dog.

Pup Handler
Make sure that your pup has a designated handler that she knows well and trusts. This way, when the day of the wedding comes, you can keep your mind at ease that your pooch will be cared for the entire time.

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