Stolen Guide Dog Reunited with Blind Owner

We love a good lost dog found story here at Finding Rover and our favorite kinds are ones like today's—the kind that involves good citizens! 

Back in February, a blind woman from Dayton, OH named Sheryl Williams had her guide dog, Diamond, stolen from her family's home. A suspicious white car was seen scoping out the Williams' house early in the morning, and when Williams' grandson took the dog out to go to the bathroom, he left the dog for several minutes and upon returning, the dog was gone.

Approximately two weeks later, a man named Tom O'Shea prompted the reunion between Sheryl Williams and Diamond. O'Shea had recently bought a dog off Craigslist, and after reading in the news about Williams losing her guide dog, realized the dog he'd bought was Diamond. O'Shea immediately brought Diamond to the police station upon realizing she was Williams' guide dog, upon which Diamond was quickly reunited with her owner.

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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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