Spoiled Pooch: Thanksgivukkah Gift Guide 2013


It only comes once every 70,000 years, so make this Thanksgivukkah count and spoil the heck out of your pup! We've compiled our favorite dog toys to really rock your pooch's world, and if you're not celebrating Thanksgivukkah this year, don't worry—we'll be putting out an awesome stocking stuffer guide soon.

1. For those of you who have a soft spot for ugly-dorable dogs, the FuglyFriend Plush Toy (complete with unicorn farts—yup, you read that correctly) is the perfect companion for your little Groucho Barks.
2. Your pup will be ready for any photo op when he rocks these Dog Lips—and you can bet he'll be wearing these when he's in trouble!
3. Normal rope toys are so 2010! Jerry the Giraffe is adorable and durable (any dog's favorite—adurable!), and yes, your pooch is going to want a matching ribbon as well.
4. The office dog deserves some love for being such a good pup all day—get the pooch her own desk accessory with the Back to Cool Paperclip chew toy!
5. With all the cute toys around the house, you need an evil character in the mix to keep the balance. The Bad Cuz rubber ball is great for an endless game of fetch (endless because the little gremlin bounces and squeaks!).
6. This mini dog world will keep your pup entertained for hours (great for when you have a deadline!)—all you need to do is drop in some treats and your pooch will be rolling around with the Wobble Ball all day long.
7. We always say preparedness is key over here, and what better way to prepare for the zombie apocalypse than to train your dog on a Zombie Foot Chew Toy? The undead aren't going to stand a chance with Rover by your side!


Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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