Snug as a Bug: Safety Tips for Winter

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Ready for a romp in the snow? So are the pups! To get the most out of your glorious winter playtime, we've compiled some of the most important tips to keep in mind while you and your best friend enjoy the chill.

Beware the Chemicals
There are a lot of harmful substances used during wintertime in order to keep the frost at bay. Antifreeze is incredibly toxic for dogs and smells and tastes sweet, and salt and chemical ice melters can damage your pup's paws. Make sure you wipe up any traces of antifreeze around your house and to prevent your dog's paws from getting chapped, consider putting booties on their feet while it's icy outside.

Trim and Neat
If you live in an especially snowy area, chances are your pooch is going to go outside less during the winter. When this is the case, make sure you trim their nails more often so they don't get long and uncomfortable for your pup.

Keep It Cozy
Think you can spend a day in the cold without a coat? Neither can your dog! Keep them warm with cozy, toasty coats and blankets (especially if they have short hair)—if you need some suggestions for the best cold season goods for dogs, check out our top picks for winter products!

Don't Forget the Leash
It's incredibly important to walk your dog on a leash during the winter because the cold makes it that much harder on dogs when they're lost. Prevent any real danger and harm from coming to them by keeping a close eye on them when they're outside and remembering the leash.

Warm, Dry Shelter
We recommend keeping your dog inside during the winter season, but if your dog has to stay outside, make sure they have a warm and dry shelter within which they can rest. Make sure you check it often to ensure it's cozy and doesn't have any leaks, and try to bring them inside if you can!

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