Secrets to Saving Money While Keeping Your Pup Happy

If you're like us, spoiling your pooch comes naturally. Sadly for the piggy bank, this could also mean that fifty squeak toys later, you're no longer taking that vacation to Playa del Carmen. Don't fret though—there are some extremely easy ways for you to save money on certain aspects of dog care while still keeping your pup absolutely happy! We've compiled some of our favorite tried and true doggy moneysaving tips here, so go ahead and pack those bags because this year, you'll have enough green to take that  beach paradise vacation.

Make Your Own Treats & Toys
We love this method for saving some green when it comes to our pups. Instead of going out and buying that twenty dollar bag of organic, locally-baked dog treats, grab some liver the next time you're at the grocery store and make your own treats! There are plenty of natural, organic ingredients in your refrigerator already that you can use to make your own baked or frozen treats. For an extensive list of human foods that are stellar for pups, check out our list of Best People Foods for Dogs

As for toys, dogs love things that are auditory and tactile. One of my pup's favorite toys isn't her thirty-dollar organic rubber squeak toy that looks like a whale—it's a recycled water bottle shoved in an old sock. That's right, dogs are easy to please when it comes to toys. All it takes is a little cleverness and attention to what stimulates your pooch.

Regular Maintenance Keeps the Vet Bills Away
Things like dental disease and ulcers from matted fur cost a fortune to remedy. Between the anesthesia and medicine, you could be spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to make your poor pup feel better. We've always found the best solution to these problems is prevention—regular brushing (of both teeth and fur) as well as weekly bathing only costs mere dollars (as opposed to thousands), and keeps your pooch happy and healthy. Not sure how to go about brushing your pup's teeth? Follow our dental maintenance tips for a step-by-step stress-free process on dog dental care.

Captain Obvious: Diet & Exercise Makes a Happy Pooch
We all know this one, but putting this tip in practice is often hard with our busy lives. What makes a dog's diet a good diet? This varies from dog to dog. Your pup's vet will be able to address specific dietary needs your dog has from age and breed, to size and weight. There is one rule of thumb for diet we all need to follow, though: don't cut costs and buy the cheaper food! Ensuring that your dog eats quality food will save you on medical bills, and more importantly, save your pooch from having health problems later on. Diet isn't the only key to having a happy dog: make sure your pooch gets tons of exercise, as well as attention and time with you. Playtime will not only keep your dog physically fit, but also ensure your dog is mentally and emotionally well.

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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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