Reunion Story - Tech to the rescue

On the evening of September 16th, a Good Samaritan found a dog running loose at Interstate 805 and Palm Avenue in San Diego.  The person was able to catch the dog, and brought him to her home; where she called San Diego County Department of Animal Services to pick up the dog. 

An animal control officer picked up the dog (that did not have a license or microchip) the next morning, and transported the dog to the animal care facility on Gaines Street.

On Thursday, September 24th, the owner, Juan, visited the animal care facility in Bonita, but was unable to locate his dog.  A staff member gave him a Finding Rover card, and he went home and downloaded the app. 

Thanks to the app, he was able to find his dog within five minutes!  Juan and “Chivo” were reunited yesterday at our facility on Gaines Street! Without Finding Rover, Juan may not have checked the Gaines Street location. Thanks to this tech integration, Juan and Chivo are reunited!

Please share Finding Rover with your friends and neighbors. The more people using Finding Rover, the more dogs like Chivo can be reunited with their owners.


Published on by Brandi Blankenship.

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