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Finding Rover helps to reunite Roxy (10 year old Shiba Inu) with her family in San Diego. San Diego County Animal Shelter workers were able to positively identify Roxy with a lost report on Finding Rover and get Roxy home that same day.

We've got wagging tails for this amazing story of a family searching for their lost dog. Losing a beloved pet can be one of the most traumatic experiences a family can go through. New technology is making the search easier than ever. Now, with a computer or a smartphone, anyone can identify a lost dog just by taking a photo. Finding Rover's revolutionary facial recognition technology is reuniting families and mending hearts everyday.

In May 2014, Finding Rover and San Diego County Department of Animal Services joined forces. San Diego became the first county in the nation to integrate Finding Rover's technology into the shelter's intake process. This amazing story of The Cox Family can attest that this integration is proven to be life-saving.

After Roxy, our Shiba Inu was spooked by thunder and lightning, she escaped and ran into the neighborhood. We placed posters and canvased the neighborhood for 4 days with no luck. Our 10 year daughter created the Finding Rover account and uploaded a recent picture. Because of this uploaded photo, on Day 5, Roxy was identified by the County of San DIego Dept of Animal Services after arriving to the shelter. Within 4 hrs of arrival to the shelter, we were there to pick her up!
— Joanna Cox, owner and mother

Janine Marr, a Finding Rover user and San Diego Department of Animal Services employee, made the match. Every animal that enters the San Diego County Shelter system has a photo taken at intake. Each of these photos is uploaded to Finding Rover throughout the day. Roxy's photo uploaded into Finding Rover by her owner was matched to her intake photo from the shelter.

Thanks to the magic of technology, Roxy and the Cox Family are reunited after just four hours of being at the shelter! 



Join the pack and spread the word! Finding Rover is helping lost dogs get home all over the world! If you would like your shelter or rescue integrated with Finding Rover's technology please email 

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