Reunion Story - Ohio family reunited in one day

Montgomery County Animal Resource Center in Dayton, Ohio partnered with Finding Rover in July 2015, and the happy tails continue. On Wednesday, the owner pictured below realized his dog had gone missing.

After searching the neighborhood and the internet, he found information about Finding Rover on Thursday. He downloaded the free app to his smartphone, and reported his dog Lost with an existing photo on his phone. Almost instantly he was alerted of a match located at Montgomery County Animal Resource Center

That same day, he went to the shelter, and picked up his beloved dog right before closing time. The two were overjoyed to be reunited!

With the Finding Rover integration, Montgomery County Animal Resource Center now offers their community an additional tool to help lost and adoptable dogs find their forever home through (mobile app and website).

Now, every dog that enters the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center system becomes registered on Finding Rover. Users of Finding Rover can search the shelter right from their smartphone or computer for their missing dog, a neighbor’s missing dog, or search for adoptable dogs.

Every dog that leaves Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, through a reunion or an adoption, can remain protected on Finding Rover when the pet-parent completes registration with an email. If that dog ever gets lost, his/her record will already be in the system, and identifying that pet will be a snap.

When a community comes together on Finding Rover, more dogs can find home. Please help more pets find home, and spread the word.

Key benefits of using Finding Rover include: 

                  Simple to register: Registration is easy through Facebook and email – all you need is a picture of your dog and a zip code.

                  Easy to use: Anyone with a mobile phone can take a photo of a lost dog, which will be instantly posted on Finding Rover.

                  Technologically advanced: Finding Rover spent two years with The University of Utah research and development (R&D) department creating its proprietary facial recognition technology. Finding Rover has the only technology that instantly recognizes a dog on the spot.

                  Social: Finding Rover unites dog owners based on common interests and provides a forum for users to read up on the latest dog news, share content and interact.

                  Free! Finding Rover is free to download and use.

Want to become a partner for FREE, get more dogs adopted out of your shelter or rescue, and reunite more pets with their families? It's simple; email with your information or visit

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Published on by Brandi Blankenship.

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