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This reunion goes to show the power of technology can help pets and people coast to coast. 

When Lil Debbie went missing in the Bay Area of California, her owner didn't know what to do. In a state of panic, the owner called her daughter in Georgia for help. The daughter remotely joined the search by calling her mom's local shelter, Humane Society of the North Bay (HSNB). 

HSNB advised her to download Finding Rover and check the photos, and she did. The very next morning, the daughter called back with great news; she had identified her mother's dog via the photo on Finding Rover!

Lil Debbie, seen here with her aunt, was gladly returned home thanks to the power of technology and family love! 

With a search radius of 2,000 miles, Finding Rover's facial recognition technology has reunited over 2,000 dogs with their families in the past year. Please register your dogs on Finding Rover, and if you ever see a stray pet, please report him/her on Finding Rover. Together, we can help every dog find a way home. 

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Published on by Brandi Blankenship.

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