Reunion on Front Street

Thanks to the partnership between Finding Rover and Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento, another stray dogs is reunited with his owner within 2 hours. 

About 8 weeks ago Finding Rover announced their partnership with the three major shelters in California's capital city of Sacramento. 

On Halloween weekend, a miraculous reunion took place on Front Street. A Good Samaritan brought this stray dog, pictured below, to the Front Street Animal Shelter hoping the owner would look for their dog at this universal hub for animal care. 

Before the dog went through the channels of intake at the shelter, a shelter employee used their personal Finding Rover account to report the dog is Found. After searching around on social media, they believed they found a match! 

Sure enough, a match was made, and the owner was able to pick up their beloved pet within 2 hours of being in the shelter. 

Here's a video by ABC10:

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Published on by Brandi Blankenship.

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