Potty Training Your New Puppy

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Potty training your new puppy doesn't mean you have to be armed with a roll of paper towels for the next six months. Housebreaking your new pooch can be fairly easy and we've covered the basic principles to potty training below that will make the whole process frustration-free for you.

What Goes In Must Come Out
Puppies urinate pretty often because their bladders are so small (once every thirty minutes or so). Learning how often your new pup pees is one of the most important points to potty training. Once you've figured out how often she urinates, anticipate this time and take her to the designated bathroom (this can be outside or on potty training pads). 

Food doesn't take a long time to go through your puppy's system. It's a good idea to take your puppy out about fifteen to twenty minutes after she eats so she can poop. The key is to schedule a walk pretty close to the time she eats so she can get used to where and when she should poop.

The Closer the Better
Dogs have a natural den instinct, which means they don't want to soil their home, but this instinct has to be encouraged. By showing your pooch where she should go to the bathroom, you'll help designate in her mind the boundaries of 'home' and 'bathroom'. Make sure the chosen bathroom is close and convenient so you can get her to the pee pad or outside before she needs to go.

Habit Makes Perfect
Keeping a strict bathroom routine will help your pup learn where and when to go much faster. This involves a little more than just taking you pup to the same place at the same times of the day, though. Make sure that you vocalize a similar phrase (such as 'Let's go potty now') every time you take her to the bathroom and that you use the same route and even go out the same door to the same spot each time. Your pup will start to associate that routine with going to the bathroom and help her understand where and when she should go.

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