Pit Bull Saves Marine Veteran's Life

Photo: NY Daily News

We absolutely love this story about a brilliant, brave and loyal little pit bull named Major. Marine veteran Terry McGlade first got Major when he came back from a tour in the Middle East, getting the pit bull-lab mix as a service dog to help him cope with PTSD after he was wounded by a roadside bomb during his tour. Major is specially trained to help McGlade with PTSD, as well as specifically sense when his owner is about to get a seizure.

When McGlade was home alone with Major last week, he began to have a seizure, collapsing to the ground unconscious. The brilliant pup quickly got the phone from out of McGlade's pocket and began stepping on the it with his paw (McGlade's phone is programmed to easily dial 911 with a push of a button). Even though Major didn't bark when the dispatcher picked up the phone, the pooch was smart enough to dial back multiple times until the dispatchers traced the call and sent emergency responders. As if this amazing little dog couldn't get any more heroic, Major then ran to the front yard and waited for the police to arrive, leading them to where McGlade lay unconscious when they came.

There you are—another marvelous story of just how intelligent, loyal and brave our best canine friends can be! If you have your own story of a Citizen Dog, don't be shy—tell us in the comments section below!

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