Picture Perfect Tips for Canine Headshots

Photo: Khánh Hmoong

We absolutely love these photo tips from the superstar bloggers over at Dogparent! Keep these tips in mind the next time you snap a photo of the pooch (ahem, like when you register your pup on the Finding Rover app) and get perfect pup pics starting now.

Avoid Direct Sunlight
Sunny days are gorgeous, but they make for terrible photos! Direct sunlight causes some pretty intense shadows, making it hard to see your pooch's face clearly. When possible, try to take photos of your pooch under some shade when outdoors.

Get Down to Your Pup's Level
You wouldn't take a portrait of a friend standing three feet above them, so you shouldn't take a headshot of your dog from above either. Kneel or lay down until your camera is directly at eye-level with your pup's face.

Set Your Camera Down
Unless you have tripods for hands, set your camera down on a table, rock, or attach it to an actual tripod to take a photo of your pup. Try to look for opportunities to stabilize yourself (even if it means leaning against a wall) in order to get super crisp photos.

Find a Simple, Contrasting Background
Your pooch is the central focus of the photo, so make sure that you get her in front of a dark background if she's light or a light background if she's dark so she really pops in the photo. Try to pick a background that is as simple as possible so the eye isn't distracted by busy lines or patterns.

Make sure you bring plenty of treats and praise your pooch for being such a good dog! Sitting for a photo takes a lot of patience, so make sure you reward this good behavior.


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