Pawsitive Impact: Photographer's Photos Save Dogs

Shannon Johnstone is a photographer with an incredible amount of talent and an even greater heart. Based out of Raleigh, N.C., Johnstone's photographs have saved the lives of 67 dogs so far. Featuring specifically dogs who have been in shelters for the longest time, Johnstone takes photos that turn these otherwise neglected dogs into beautiful, joyous creatures. 

Each week, she and her husband, Anthony, take the dogs on an outing from the shelter to a nearby landfill where they get to run and romp for the first time in months. Away from their small pens, the dogs' personalities shine through, and that's where Johnstone comes in with her camera, capturing the pooches' true characters. The expressiveness of her photos get across to the potential families more effectively than the sparse, textual bios by which many of these shelter dogs are defined.

To check out more of her work with shelter dogs and give the Landfill Dogs project some love, check out the Landfill Dogs Facebook Page and give them a 'Like'!

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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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