Our Favorite Found Dog Stories

In honor of National Lost Dog Awareness Day, we bring you our three favorite found dog stories. These stories gave us so much hope over the past year and serve as a great source of inspiration and preparation! Take a moment to check out these heartwarming stories and before you do anything else today, register your dog on the Finding Rover app so you can protect your best friend!

We love this story of how Staff Sgt. Kevin Brady was reunited with his best bud Bailey after they were initially separated in Afghanistan. Brady took the 8-week-old pup in from the streets, training and bonding with her until she was 7 months old. However, when he had to return stateside, the two were separated. Read our in-depth story about how Brady finally located Bailey again from abroad and the efforts it took to ship Bailey over from Afghanistan, reuniting the two for good.

Would you remember you best friend if the two of you were separated for eight years? Baxter, the family cocker spaniel, was stolen from the Day family's home, but when he was reunited with his family eight years later, he immediately remembered his best friend, twelve-year-old Bailey Day. Read about how the boy and his best friend were finally reunited in our story on Baxter's recovery.

Sassy is one lucky little lady. After running away from her home in Kentucky, Sassy made a journey of 400 miles all the way to Pennsylvania before she was ultimately reunited with her overjoyed owner. Read the story about how Sassy not only trekked great distances, but made her way out of a kill shelter into the hands of a good samaritan foster family.

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