On the Road: Making Travel with Dogs Easy

Photo: Sally

Photo: Sally

Going on vacation with the pooch this holiday? Traveling with dogs can be a breeze if you know what kind of prep work you need to do and how to manage them while you're on the road. Check out our favorite dog-friendly traveling tips below to make the most of your holiday this year!

Prep Your Dog
You know the sound—the unending whines, whimpers, and squeaking. A nervous and restless dog is the worst passenger ever (right up there with unhappy babies), but if you do the necessary prep work, an anxious dog can easily transform into a sleeping angel. Before I go on any type of road trip, I take my dog out to do some intensely physical play before we get in the car. I follow a pretty straightforward formula: thirty minutes of play for every hour we're in the car (and we're talking all out, uninhibited play like running on the beach, hiking, going for a jog, etc.). When we drive down to LA from the bay, I'll make sure we get up early and my Lemon gets a solid 3-4 hours at Fort Funston (doggy beach) before we head out onto the road, and every time it works like a charm—she'll be asleep within ten minutes.

Stock Your Car
You bring chips, cookies and trail mix (oh my!) on a road trip, so why shouldn't your pooch get some snacks? Healthy, usually perishable (aka, not full of preservative) snacks are best to keep on the road such as boiled chicken, liver, or eggs; keep these treats in tupperware so your car doesn't stink up! Check out our list of healthy people foods for dogs to get tips on what to bring on your road trip for the pup. And while we're at it, don't forget water and bowls for your pup!

Also remember to stock your car with some of your dog's favorite things to comfort them. Travel in the car can be disorienting for dogs, and the more soothing things your dog has around them like blankets or soft toys, the more calm and relaxed they'll be.

Have a great time on your vacation, keep your pooch and yourself happy and sane, and most of all, have fun! 


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