New technology gives a new lease on life

Meet TurboRoo! The two-legged chihuahua that's inspiring all of us to just keep scooting! 

TurboRoo was born without his two front legs, and due to his tiny size, his options for mobility solutions were limited. This baby chi's caregivers turned to the world wide web for help, and amazing people like you spread the word.

What is the answer to this pint size problem? A 3D printer, of course! 

Thanks to Mark Deadrick, president of 3dyn, and the 3D printing company Makerbot- a small, sturdy harness was printed for TurboRoo. With his custom harness assembled with Rollerblade wheels, this pup can start cruising like never before.

Without the amazing technology of 3D printing and the power of social media, TurboRoo's caregivers would have had to finagle an apparatus from pre-existing materials- like pipes, clothe, and who-knows-what. This is not the first time revolutionary technologies have made pets and people's live better. Penguins in need have been given 3D printed beaks! Amazing advances, indeed. 

Here at Finding Rover, we are happy to see people embracing new technologies to make life better. The revolutionary facial recognition technology of Finding Rover is 98% accurate, and has reunited many dogs with their beloved families over the past 12 months! From 3D printing to facial recognition for dogs, we see a bright future for pets and people alike! 

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Wagging tails for Downtown Pet Vet for initially taking in TurboRoo.

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