Miami-Dade Partners with Facial Recognition app to save dogs

As of March 18, 2015, all dogs entering Miami-Dade Animal Services will get automatically registered on Finding Rover. When a dog is registered on Finding Rover, he or she is protected with revolutionary facial recognition technology. Now, every dog in the Miami-Dade shelter can be searched by Finding Rover members. This 98% accurate, photo-matching technology is FREE and available for anyone to use on a smartphone or computer. 

Here's a video explaining the app by the Miami Herald

Here are some excerpts, from and explaining the integration:

[Miami-Dade Animal Services Director Alex] Muñoz said the app will help the agency become a no-kill shelter. Last year, the shelter saved 82 percent of the dogs and 80 percent of the cats. Muñoz said only about 1,000 of about 15,000 animals that come into the shelter annually are reunited with their families.

’We are always looking for new ways to keep animals safe and out of the shelter,’ he said.
Animal Services’ database of dogs is integrated into the Finding Rover mobile app, so users who download the app and register their pets can then search for found dogs who may currently be at the shelter.

When a community comes together on Finding Rover, more dogs can be saved! Share this article with your friends and neighbors, and together we can bring all dogs home!

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