Loyal Dog Waits for Owner Outside Hospital

This incredibly loyal pup is an amazing example of the amazing bond we have with dogs and how remarkable their dedication is. 

Last month, Lauri da Costa, a homeless man in Brazil, was assaulted violently and ended up in the hospital. Da Costa's dog, Seco, waited patiently just outside while his owner was admitted and treated for his wounds. However, during his examination, doctors discovered that da Costa had melanoma on his face and needed to operate on it, extending his stay in the hospital. Meanwhile, his dog Seco waited patiently outside day after day for his owner. 

The hospital staff noticed Seco waiting early on and laid out blankets, bringing him food and water while he waited. Finally on the eighth day of da Costa's stay, the hospital staff was so touched by Seco's dedication that they made an exception to their dog policy and let Seco visit da Costa.

Check out the video of Seco reunited with his owner: 

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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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