Lost Dog Found 400 Miles from Home

Photo: WTAE

Photo: WTAE

This lost dog found story really floored us—the lost pup, Sassy, has the most incredible luck we've ever come across. In late 2012, Sassy's owner, Cindy Romans, went on vacation, leaving her in the care of a family member. When Sassy went out for a routine trip to the backyard, she ended up running away.

Over the next 17 months, Sassy made her way from Louisville, KY all the way to Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, on the first leg of her journey, she was picked up by Boyd County Animal Shelter, a kill shelter in Kentucky. 

Luckily,  Sassy was saved by the Forever Home Beagle Rescue, a rescue group based in Pittsburgh that saves animals before they're euthanized from Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Sassy was then placed in a foster home for the next two months where she was known as 'Jenny', until her foster family took her to a vet for a cough. It was during this vet visit that both the foster family and the vet realized that the kill shelter had never checked Sassy for a microchip. By an incredible string of good luck, Sassy was saved from a kill shelter, placed in the care of a loving foster family, and then finally discovered as the missing dog Sassy when the vet checked her microchip.

Sassy's owner, Cindy Romans, was immediately contacted and is on her way back home to Kentucky.

Don't forget—microchip your dogs and register them on Finding Rover before it's too late!

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