Guide Dog-in-Training Saves Woman's Life with Heimlich Maneuver

Photo: Mirror News

This dog is really a next level guide dog—before we get into the story, Nell (the heroic pup) really did perform a doggy-version of the Heimlich maneuver. Amazing, right?

A Liverpool woman named Lesley Hailwood has been caring for guide dogs for a long time, opening up her home to them while they go through their training process. In early January, one particular pup returned the good deed and saved her life.

Hailwood started choking while eating earlier this month and the 17-month German Shepherd Retriever she's been caring for, Nell, came into the room after hearing her caretaker audibly struggling. Nell jumped onto the sofa and pounced on Hailwood's chest repeatedly until the chocolate stuck in Hailwood's throat was dislodged.

According to Hailwood, Nell had never so much as jumped on her. Guide dogs are known for doing amazing feats of heroism, but to perform a canine version of the Heimlich maneuver is absolutely impressive and astonishing. In March, Nell will have completed her training and will be assigned to a partially-sighted person as a guide dog.

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