Fourth of July Rover Safety Series 5

Today we wrap up our Fourth of July Rover Safety Series with Tip #5. We will help you get your dog home if he gets away! In our Intro, we talked about how San Diego County Animal Services Department shelters observed a dramatic spike in lost dog intake rates between July 4th and July 6th last year. San Diegans are lucky to experience a 41.8 percent return rate, BUT the national average for dogs returning home after The Fourth is a striking 14 percent. That number is just WAY too low for us! Here’s how we all can change that 14 percent to nearly 100! 

Fourth of July Rover Safety Tips:

Tip #5. Let’s get Rover home!

First things first, report your dog Lost on the Finding Rover app. Because your dog is already registered, this process will be a snap! The app will ask you to drop a pin on the map where your dog went missing. Then you can publish any information you would like displayed on the digital lost dog poster (phone number, email, dog needs meds, etc). Everyone in a 10-mile radius will get a notification to keep an eye out for your dog. When someone reports your dog as Found, you two will get matched up with 98% accuracy.

- Call your local shelter, and report a lost dog to them as well. Most shelters do this over the phone or on their website.

- Contact your microchip company to let them know you’re on the hunt.

- Dogs usually do not go further than 10-20 miles on foot (on paw, rather), so use the oldie-but-goodie technique of putting physical posters all around your neighborhood.

- Posting a screenshot of your Finding Rover lost poster on any and all social medias as humanly possible will help get the word out, as well.

- Lastly, do not give up! In the days following, check your local shelter frequently, explore social medias, and search possible matches on Finding Rover often easily with our one click “Search” button.

Sharing this information will build awareness and can save dogs' lives! When more people use Finding Rover to report dogs as lost and found, more dogs can get home safely and quickly. 

With that, we close the book on our Fourth of July Rover Safety Series until next year! Please note these tips can be applied to thunder storms and storm season as well! We hope you have a fun, safe, and exciting Fourth of July with friends, family, and your fur-kids! 

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Published on by Brandi Blankenship.

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