Fourth of July Rover Safety Series 2

As The Fourth of July quickly approaches, we have another safety tip for you! Our first tip talked about how lost-dog intake numbers soar between July 4th and July 6th because dogs get spooked from outdoor parties and fireworks. If you missed the first tip, you can find it here.

 Fourth of July Finding Rover Safety Tips:

Tip #2. Keep Rover calm indoors during The Fourth of July festivities.

Exercise your dog earlier in the day. A tired dog is a happy dog. Hit the dog park, go for a neighborhood run, or cruise the bike trails. When the afternoon BBQs fire up and fireworks start exploding, the chances of Rover being hyper and panicked inside is greatly reduced when he’s tired from the day’s activities.

Some dogs may become destructive when frightened, so be sure to remove dangerous objects your pet may chew. Close the windows and blinds to keep your home as quiet and tranquil as possible. With the dog’s bed, blanket, and toys in toe, the laundry room, bathroom, or a bedroom serve as fine retreats to confine your pooch.

Leave a television on or radio playing at a normal volume to keep your pet company while you’re away. This also helps muffle the sound of guests around your home.

Most importantly remember to register your dog on Finding Rover. It only takes one open door, so if Rover should get out make sure you are prepared.

Spread the word about Finding Rover, and share these tips with your community so you all are better protected and in-the-loop. When your dog and neighbors’ dogs are registered on Finding Rover, you all can have true peace of mind when the Independence Day celebrations begin.

In line with today’s tip, see what Laura Nativo of Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family says here.

Photo courtesy of Laura Nativo 

Photo courtesy of Laura Nativo 

Our next tips include what NOT to do, last-resort solutions for dog anxiety, and what to do if Rover does get out. Stay tuned!

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