Follow the Orange Paw Print Road


If you've taken a trek down Valencia Street in the Mission or up 24th Street in Noe Valley recently, you'll have seen these chalked up orange paw prints all over town. You might be asking yourself, 'What are they all about?' 

Indulge your adventurous spirit and follow the orange paw print road—you'll find that they lead to our favorite dog-friendly establishments in the neighborhood. These stores, restaurants, and cafes are not only pals to pups, many of them also offer treats (that's right pooches, you heard the 'T' word!). At the end of this pup-loving path, you'll find a sticker at the establishment that reads 'Dogs love us on Finding Rover' to let you know that you and your pooch are welcome and loved.

Look for these orange paw prints the next time you're in the city—we'll be expanding to more neighborhoods soon! Woof and happy adventuring!


Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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