Fit Dog: Keeping the Pup Active During Winter

Just because it's nippy outside doesn't mean your pooch has get a case of the chubs. Below are some of our favorite winter dog activities for every climate, so get active and keep your pooch warm, fit and happy!

Between the trails, trees and critters, there's enough stimulus on a hike to keep your dog entertained for hours. Not only will your pooch expend tons of energy running up and down the trails, they'll also get a great workout for their brains—a perfect formula for a tired pup!

Cross-Country Skiing
So, hiking's a little slow for your pooch? Grab your skis and hit the trails! If you have a pup that loves running and rocks at endurance, cross-country skiing is the sport for you. Feeling lazy? Try skijoring—it's a mix between sledding and skiing where Fido is harnessed to the skier, and drags the human on skis like a sled. Pretty cool. No pun intended.

Don't live near the snow? Enroll your dog in agility! Between the obstacle courses and challenges with focus, by the time spring hits, you just might have a brand new super dog. Another bonus: the more obstacles you and your pooch master, the stronger the bond between the two of you will be.

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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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