Face of Gray, Heart of Gold

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

To celebrate, we're spotlighting Pete Thorne's captivating photography of senior dogs. Appropriately named "Old Faithful," his photo series promotes life-long loyalty and love for our four-legged best friends. 

Pete Thorne has been a freelance photographer for 10 years now, and was intrigued by the senior dogs in his life when he decided to start memorializing them through photos. 

I just think there is so much character to these old doggie’s faces. All the telltale signs point to a life lived and there’s a history behind those eyes, even if they are a little clouded over and aren’t working too well.
— Pete Thorne, 27 October 2014

View his entire gallery here: petethornephoto.com/gallery/old-faithful/

Join the community and hear more about these old souls here: facebook.com/oldfaithfulphoto

Share your senior dog story with us here or right on Finding Rover's Cute Pics pack! 

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Published on by Brandi Blankenship.

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