DIY Dog Toys from Items Around the House

Trying to save money this year and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on dog toys? We've compiled a list of our five favorite DIY dog toys and you can make them from things you already have in your house!

1. Crinkly, Crunchy Chew Toy
Simply stick a used plastic water bottle in an old sock and your pooch can crunch down on this tactile delight for hours!

2. Treat Puzzle
Slice a small 2-inch incision into a tennis ball and stuff it with 3-4 treats so it rattles and dispenses treats for your pup.

3. Tug Rope
Does your pooch love to play tug-of-war? Grab three old t-shirts, roll them up length-wise, tie a knot that holds all three shirts together, braid the shirts together, and then tie a knot at the other end to finish up the tug rope.

4. Bully Stick Pupsicle
Freeze beef or chicken broth with a bully stick as the popsicle stick for a delicious hot weather toy!

5. Streaming Tennis Ball
Stick a tennis ball in an old stocking and you've got yourself a flying comet of a tennis ball.


Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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