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Millions and millions of family dogs enter local shelters every year, and Finding Rover is dedicated to helping adoptable and stray dogs find their loving homes. The Finding Rover team was inspired to create a parody music video about adoptable and missing dogs to build awareness in a fun, positive, and catchy way.

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 This video has it all; dogs in wigs, preppy pastel attire, a pink dog house, and original lyrics that will get stuck in your head for days. “All About That Face” features rescue dogs showing off their talents as they act out a scenario of lead dog, Chewy, being lost then found with Finding Rover’s facial recognition technology. 

Chief Barkaroo, John Polimeno, was with his granddaughter and heard the pop hit by Meghan Trainor, “All About That Bass,” on the radio. Laughing, he watched his granddaughter dance and sing along, and he was compelled to spin the hit in a dog-centric direction. With some planning and help from professionals, Finding Rover’s “All About That Face” was born.

Shelters and rescues across the United States, Canada, and Australia feature their adoptable and found dogs right on Finding Rover. These partnerships allow their dogs to be searchable by the pubic using facial recognition technology. When communities and shelters come together on Finding Rover, more dogs can find home. Sharing this video helps dogs around the world find loving homes. Join the pack, and support the underdog with Finding Rover.

Here are some photos from behind the scenes of our "All About That Face" shoot by Rachel Rose Photo

Here are even more great photos from the set by Neil Lockhart Photography

We could not have made this video without these amazing people: THANK YOU

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