Adopt Your New Best Friend: Meet Angel!

This awesome little girly is in urgent need of a permanent home! 

Angel is a sweet, very loving and eager to please dog currently at the Home At Last Animal Rescue in Berkeley, CA, but needs a savvy handler to help work through her dog reactivity issues so she can blossom into a beautifully balanced dog. She'll need to be the only dog in the household, preferably with a savvy handler who is committed to helping the underdog and have a place for Angel. 

Angel was picked up as a stray and arrived at the shelter, dirty and scared, although now she's much more comfortable with her new surroundings. She has charmed more than one volunteer with her black-patched fuzzy face and soft personality. It's possible Angel hasn't seen much of the world outside a yard. Out on walks in the nearby park, she proceeds slowly at first, soaking in all the smells that only a doggy could love. 

It’s a joy to watch her explore and become more comfortable. Angel is very cuddly as well, and will seek you out for some attention and flash her big doggy grin in return. We’re hoping a human guardian angel (of course!) will come along soon and take this girl under their wing and give her the love, care and training that will allow her to be the best doggy we know she wants to be.

If you think you might be the right forever person for Angel, go check out her profile or meet her in person!


Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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