A Bowl for Every Need

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Different types of dogs need different types of food, so it makes sense that dogs would also need bowls specified to their size and lifestyle. We've listed out different varieties of bowls by dog type below, so read on and see if you can make your pooch's life a little more comfortable!

Tall Dogs
If you have an especially tall dog like a Great Dane, try and get a raised platform for your pooch. The extra height will make eating so much more comfortable for them and they'll be ever so grateful for it!

Active Dogs
Are you and your pup constantly on the road? Grab some collapsible rubber bowls and get started on that mountain trek—these babies will collapse down like a pancake and all you have to do is rinse them off after your pooch chows down.

Cold Weather Dogs
As fancy as it sounds, if you live in an area that reaches a freezing point, a heated dog bowl is the way to go. Doesn't freeze where you live, but it still gets pretty cold? Switch out those metal bowls for plastic ones—metal freezes easily in cold weather and can stick to your pup's tongue.

Vacuum Dogs
What are vacuum dogs, you ask? Oh, you know the ones...you put down your pup's dinner, you blink, and the food's gone. If your dog eats a little too fast, get him a slow bowl. Slow bowls have little obstacles built inside the bowl (think a little maze for mice), so your dog will have to work his way through to get to the food, slowing down the process to improve his overall digestive health.

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