5 Tips for Successfully Camping with Your Dog

Photo: Allison Moore

With Memorial Day Weekend just around the corner, many of us are getting ready to head to the great outdoors and get our camping on. Before you pack up the pooch for your first great camping trip together, check out our tips below to ensure the safety of your dog while you camp.

1. Have Up-to-Date IDs
Before you head out to the woods, make sure your dog's collar is fitted with the appropriate, up-to-date ID tags. Your dog's tags should have his name and your phone number on the front, as well as any major health concerns (such as allergies) he has on the back of the tag.

2. Check Your Dog’s Medications
About a month before you plan to go camping with your pooch, make sure her vaccinations are up-to-date (especially for Lyme disease) and that she has been regularly receiving medication for heartworm. Some medications can take up to a month to work through your dog's system and effectively protect her against diseases, so make sure you take your pup to the vet and get her properly medicated and vaccinated before heading to the great outdoors.

3. Keep Your Dog Leashed
While you're at the campsite, keep your dog leashed at all times for her own safety. There are many dangerous things for a dog to get into at campsites including hot fire pits and cooking utensils. Protect your dog and prevent the disturbance of other campers by keeping your dog leashed at all times.

4. Pack Water for Your Pooch
When you're packing supplies in preparation for the trip, make sure you pack enough water for your dog as well. While you're camping, always make clean drinking water available to your dog in order to ensure that he doesn't drink standing bodies of water that may have parasites and bacteria that could be harmful to your dog.

5. Regularly Check for Ticks and Irritants
There are many pests and prickles that can irritate our pups out in the wild, so make sure you comb through your dog's fur and paws on a daily basis to check for ticks, thorns, and other irritants.

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