4 Naturally Flea-Repellent Plants

Photo: Anthony Cramp

Itchy season has officially commenced and our pups are sporting that familiar stegosaurus ridge of flea medication down their backs. Below we've compiled a handy little list of four naturally flea-repellent herbs so you can have an extra tool in you arsenal for keeping your home pest-free this season.

Fleas absolutely hate mint—while most humans love the refreshing smell of mint, the scent from this plant is way too strong for the little pests. Mint plants can get very large, so an effective way of combatting fleas is to grow mint along the edge of your yard as a kind of barrier, or to put caffeine-free mint teabags around your house (particularly around the areas where your pup hangs out).

Lavender is actually...wait for it...a member of the mint family! This interesting fun fact is why pests like fleas can't stand lavender. An effective way to use this wonderfully fragrant and calming plant to repel fleas is to put some dried lavender in little sachets around the house. Both you and your pup will love it!

Starting to notice a trend with the fragrant herbs? This delicious plant also deters fleas and can be conveniently planted in your home as a potted plant. Keep some in the kitchen and on your dining table as a double-duty plant to enhance meals and repel pests!

These gorgeous blooms don't just repel fleas—they also keep away roaches, bedbugs and lice! Plant a bed of these around your yard as a beautiful defense against the pests or bring them inside as a pest-repellent disguised as a flower arrangement!

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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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