3 Ways to Get Your Dog to Take Medication

Photo: Eric Lubbers

Giving your dog medication can be stressful for both you and your pup, but with these three tricks, getting your pooch to take her medication should be a little easier.

Use Food
This is probably the easiest method to giving dogs their medication. Double-check with your vet to make sure your pooch can take the medicine with food, and if she says it's fine, you should definitely try this method first. The best way is to add the liquid medication to peanut butter or cream cheese, or crush the pill up and mix it in with the small bit of food to ensure that your dog won't eat around the pill.

Use a Pill Dropper or Syringe
A pill dropper is pretty similar to a syringe for liquid medication, only in this case it drops a pill into the dog's mouth. With this method, gently guide the dropper or syringe about two-thirds into your dog's mouth, then drop the pill or squeeze out the liquid. Rub your pup's neck immediately to encourage her to swallow.

Use Your Hands
This method is the most difficult, but a good one to master in case you need to give your dog emergency pills without equipment. Hold your dog's jaws open, slightly tilting back his head, and then drop the pill into his mouth. You want to then hold his jaws together with his head still tilted and rub his neck at the same time with your other hand. When you see him lick his nose, you'll know he has swallowed the pill.

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