3 Most Effective Treats for Training Your Dog

Want to train your dog quickly and make sure the training sticks? Patience and consistency are two of the most important aspects, but so are the deliciousness of your treats. The key to effective training treats is having something that is easily handled, meaning not greasy or crumbly, small enough that you dog can eat it many times without getting a stomachache, and yummy enough that they'll do whatever it takes to get the treat. Below are three treats that we've found to be the most effective in training our own pups—try them out yourself!

Chicken Pieces
Shredded pieces of plain, boiled chicken are great for your dog because chicken meat is both lean and a great source of protein for the pup. Shred a chicken breast down to tiny, single bite-sized pieces and you're ready to teach you pooch how to sit, stay and roll over!

Dehydrated Liver
Chopped and dehydrated pieces of liver are incredibly high in both iron and protein for your dog without any unnecessary fat. Pups love the smell of this stuff (after all, their sense of smell is stronger than their sense of taste), so he'll be doing high fives for these savory nuggets in no time!

Dry Kibble
If your dog really likes her dry kibble, use it as a training treat! The great thing about kibble is that there's no preparation needed—all you have to do is scoop some out and you're ready to train. One kibble is the perfect reward for each command performed correctly, and won't make your pup's stomach upset or make her gain any excess weight.

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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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