Pawsitive Impact: Philanthropist Pairs Service Dogs with War Veterans


Yes, Charlie Annenberg is a very wealthy man, and yes - he spends the majority of his time doing work that benefits the welfare of others. In recent years, Annenberg's charity work has been inspired by his adopted dog, Lucky, a friendly, loving golden retriever who immediately befriends the variety of people they meet on their humanitarian travels.

On one particular trip to San Francisco, Lucky gave some much needed love and affection to a homeless man while Annenberg spent time with the man, sharing a sandwich with him. As they left, the man said to them, "Dog bless you."  

This encounter inspired Annenberg to start a movement on Facebook called Dog Bless You. It started as a demonstration of the impact dogs can have on the positive healing of those in need, then quickly grew to support international efforts to aid victims of tragedies in other countries. When the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan in 2011, Annenberg used Dog Bless You to send six search dogs to assist in the recovery of displaced Japanese citizens. 

Most recently, Dog Bless You has donated 170 service dogs to returning veterans. This unique program utilizes service dogs who are both trained by and for veterans, so that in the process of working with the service puppies, the companionship of the dogs enables veterans to start and progress in their healing process.

To learn more about Annenberg and his heartening passion for healing through dogs, check out Dog Bless You's Facebook Page.


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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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