Tips N' Tricks: Bringing Your Dog to Work

Is your pooch lucky enough to go to work with you? If so, we have some great tips for making your office environment comfortable for your dog and maintain productivity at the same time.

Safety First 
Before you bring your pup to the office for the first time, make sure you tuck away any loose electrical cords and gadgets that they may use as chew toys. Stash any choking hazards (like small erasers) into a drawer and keep a minimal amount of items on the floor. As a rule, the tidier you keep your office, the less stuff your dog has to get into.

Be Considerate
Let's face it—people who are afraid of dogs exist (surprising, I know). At least a week before you bring your pooch to work, send out an email that lets people know there will be dog on the premises. Include in the email an invitation to come and talk to you if there is anyone who's afraid of dogs. It's best to work out a strategy with this person before you bring your dog to make them feel comfortable—after all, getting to bring your dog to work is a perk, not a necessity. 

Scheduling Walks 
A bored dog is prone to misbehaving, so don't forget to walk your dog regularly! If you have poor memory like me, calendar reminders are like having personal assistants. Every morning when I come into work, the first thing I do is scan my calendar for the three most free parts of my day, then schedule in walks with reminders so even if I'm in the middle of doing something, I'll know I have to wind down and take the dog out.

Treat Control 
Your pooch (like all pooches) is probably ridiculously adorable and has no problem getting treats out of people. In fact, your coworkers will probably be begging to give your pup treats. I've found that gently letting people know to not give my dog treats at work has taught her great boundaries, as well as encouraged my coworkers to shower her with love instead of treats.

Remember, being able to bring your dog to work is a perk! Try your best to make the experience as comfortable, fun, and, ahem, productive for you, your pooch, and your coworkers. For more dog training and health advice, check out the 'Tips N' Tricks' pack in the Finding Rover app! 




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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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