Citizen Dog: Lab Saves Baby from Oncoming Car

Photo: Lorne Campbell / Guzelian

Photo: Lorne Campbell / Guzelian

We all know dogs have more heightened senses than us—smell, sight, hearing... But sensing an oncoming car before it appears? That's on another level altogether. Jessica Cowley, her one-year-old son Jacob, and her guide dog Jet (Cowley is registered blind) were walking down the street in Leigh, England, when Jet suddenly started pulling.

Jet, who has been Cowley's guide dog for five years, sensed an oncoming car heading straight for the stroller and pulled away from Cowley, pushing the pram out of the way. Cowley was then struck by the car and knocked to the ground, but has since recovered from her injuries. 

According to Cowley, Jet has not been specifically trained for this type of rescue, but has always been very protective of little Jacob. Cowley is still surprised by and incredibly grateful for Jet's quick reflexes and devotion.  

Cheers to Jet—we knew guide dogs were amazing, but Jet really goes above and beyond and shows the true loyalty and love of a real best friend. 


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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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