Tips N' Tricks: Making Bath Time A Happy Time

Photo by Shoehorn99

Photo by Shoehorn99

Bathing your dog can be a traumatizing experience—from the sad, terrified pup to chasing a wet, soapy dog around the house, the whole situation can be enough of a hassle to make you never want to bathe your dog again. One option is to send your dog to the groomer's, but for those of you who can't afford that expense or live nowhere near a groomer, here are some tips to make bath time an enjoyable experience for both you and your pooch. 


1. Outdoor Tub: Any type of container large enough for your pup will work as an outdoor tub. An outdoor space is much easier for bathing your dog because it's less messy and if your dog does escape the tub, they can tear through an area you won't have to clean until you get them back into the bath.

2. Non-Skid Mat: Baths can be scary enough for your pooch without a slippery tub to worry about! Grab a non-skid mat and place it on the bottom of the tub to make sure your pup is sturdy during bath time.

3. Dog Shampoo: I know a lot of dog owners who reach for the human shampoo if they run out of dog shampoo—don't make this mistake! Dog shampoo has a pH level that is specifically formulated for dogs. If your dog excessively scratches or rolls around after their bath, try switching to non-allergic dog shampoo.


1. Start off by pouring warm water on your dog. You want to make sure that your pooch is soaked to the skin in order to get a really good lather when you add the shampoo.

2. Lather really well—any flakes, fleas, or gross things your dog may have rolled in stick to their skin, and there's no way to loosen it until you really get under the fur and soap up their skin.

3. Distribute the shampoo really well with your hands. Try not to use gloves because both the visual and texture of gloves may scare your dog (especially around their underbelly).

4. Be really careful when washing around your dog's ears or eyes. If you get soap in their eyes or ears, make sure you flush it out right away with lots of water.

5. Have several big towels on hand before you get the bath started so you can just reach over after bathing and progress directly to drying them thoroughly.

6. Treats! Make sure you have ample yummy treats on hand to reward your good, obedient little buddy after the bath is complete! 

Remember—bathing your dog is incredibly important to keep your pup happy and healthy. Be sure to keep these tips on hand to make bath time a bit easier for both of you! For more advice on training your pooch, check out the 'Tips N' Tricks' pack in the Finding Rover app!

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