Lost and Found: Stray Dog Reunites Lost Dog with Owner

Photo: CBS5AZ

Photo: CBS5AZ

In late June, Rose Sherman got into a car accident near Anthem, Arizona that threw both her and her 1-year-old dog Ily out of the car. Though Sherman survived the accident, Ily had run away from the scene of the accident.

Nearly two months later, witnesses started reported seeing two dogs traveling together in the desert about three miles from the crash site. When the dogs were brought in, it became apparent that one of the dogs was Sherman's Ily. The second dog, a stray now nicknamed 'Buddy', had taken Ily under his wing and the two teamed up to survive the desert heat.

While Ily got to go home after an emotional reunion with her owner, Buddy ended up at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, seemingly with no place to go. However, after Buddy was brought to the MCACC, the employees quickly realized that he actually belonged to someone from the tag around his collar, and were able to get a hold of his owner. Buddy has now been reunited with his owner, a fitting piece of karma for his great deed of looking out for a fellow dog. 

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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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