Citizen Dog: Loyalty That Stands the Test of Time


We all know dogs as the most loyal creatures known to us, but the Argentinian German Shepherd, Capitán, raises the bar of loyalty for dogs everywhere. Capitán's owner and best friend, Miguel Guzman, died suddenly in 2006, and when his family returned home after the funeral, Capitán was gone. Unable to find him, they assumed the worst — that Capitán had been hit by a car or taken by another family.

Several days later, when the family returned to visit the grave, they found Capitán sitting quietly by his master's grave. The family members couldn't explain how the dog found Guzman's grave, but there he was, and he's made his home there for the past seven years. 

According to the cemetery's director, Capitán takes his walks in the cemetery grounds during the day, but every night by 6 o'clock, he lays down by his master's grave and stays there all night.

The Guzmans' 15-year-old son Damian has tried to take Capitán home several times, but every time, the German Shepherd goes straight back to the cemetery. Capitán's bittersweet story truly shows the bond a dog can have with its owner!  


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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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