Finding Lost Dogs: Pups Lost in Places Other than Home


We've all either seen or experienced it before: the panicked dog owner at the beach calling frantically to their dog who is nowhere to be seen. Many times, when a dog bolts from a place other than home, they are in either a "Go, go, explore!" or fearful mindset and have very little intention of returning to you in the moment. Some dogs won't even realize that they can't find their humans until they are hours or miles away from their owners.

If you do lose your dog in an area that is nowhere close to your home and can't recover them immediately, know that your dog will most likely stay in the general area where you lost them. Dogs will often go back to the exact spot from where they ran away and use that area as a temporary "home base", coming back in the early morning or late night when there is minimal activity.  

During the recovery effort of your dog, make sure to keep a friend (who your dog knows well and can recognize right away) in the place where the pup ran away - then, if and when your dog returns to that area, a familiar face will be there waiting to return them to you. 

Lost your dog recently and don't know how to start the recovery process? Update your pooch on the Finding Rover app as "Lost" and check back frequently - dogs are found and posted on the app daily. And don't forget to register your dog and update their ID photo often before  you get in a situation where they get lost - preparation is the best way to reunite quickly with your pup!


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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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