Lost and FOUND! Dog Reunited with Family After Eight Years


Eight years ago, the Day family's beloved cocker spaniel was taken from their Buderim, Australia home during a robbery. Despite plastering the neighborhood with posters of Baxter, the Days never got leads on Baxter's whereabouts, leaving their young son heartbroken over the loss of his best friend.

One day in early August, the Day family received a miraculous phone call from a pound in western Sydney informing them that Baxter was found wandering the streets, eight years after he first disappeared, 621 miles from their home in Buderim.  

Baxter's family was tracked down thanks to his microchip and he was flown back to the Days for a tearful reunion. 12-year-old Bailey Day was overjoyed to be in the company of his best friend once again, saying that he never gave up hope of finding Baxter, even when no leads were to be found. 

Don't overlook the importance of microchipping your dog - if all else fails in your search, it's the one last thing that will always connect your dog's identity to you. For additional tips for finding lost dogs, check out our past Lost and Found Tips on our blog and don't forget to add your dog's profile to the Finding Rover app and update their photo frequently.


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Published on by Beatrix Chan.

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