Citizen Dog: Goldendoodle Saves Best Friend's Life Daily

Photo Credit: Caters

Photo Credit: Caters

Seven-year-old Meghan Weingarth’s a lucky little girl - not only is her best friend in the world an adorable, sweet goldendoodle named LilyBelle, the pooch also saves Meghan's life - daily.

Meghan has a severe allergy to peanuts and almonds that causes her to go into shock, as well as a rare condition that causes seizures. Before her family got LilyBelle, things were very challenging for Meghan's mom - 'I couldn’t leave Meghan in the room on her own as she always wanted me by her side.'

After getting LilyBelle, they trained her to sniff out nuts in Meghan's food, raising her paw if any are present. LilyBelle is also able to alert others if Meghan is about to have a seizure. 

Having developed a strong bond with each other, Meghan and LilyBelle now go everywhere together in London - Lilybelle goes with her to school, doctor's appointments, church, and birthday parties, allowing Meghan's mom to have the freedom to do simple things like household chores without having to worry about her little girl.

‘It’s great to have that peace of mind as I know as long as LilyBelle is by her side, Meghan will be okay.’

Source: South London Today 


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